My name is Lucía López, I'm a graphic designer born and raised in Galicia (The most beautiful place of Spain), currently living in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Graphic design is definitely what I really love. I'm also in love with Patterns, packaging, photography, music, urban art and unicorns.

I create visual concepts that may be applied to packaging, labels, clothing, books, marketing promotional tools like posters, flyers and brochures...

I have experience working with different designing softwares, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Art pro, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro...

Feel free to get in touch. I'm available for freelance jobs and for making the world a bit more beautiful. 




  • Labels and Packaging design
  •  Marketing materials (I don'd do marketing itself, BUT I can design your marketing materials like posters, flyers, banners...)
  • Album covers
  • Clothing design
  • Logos and corporate stationery
  • App design (I'm not a programer, but I'll design the hell out of an app)
  •  Light illustration (I mean, I create labels, icons, logos, infographics, diagrams, etc. But probably I'm not going to illustrate the children's book you're penning. I love illustration, but it's just not what I do)

Thanks for checking my site

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