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Lucía López is a graphic designer  with a happy creative and active mind. She was born on a Sunday morning, and she has curly hair. Raised in Galicia (Spain), based since two years ago in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Currently working for the world. She loves vanilla flavor.

She is an optimistic person, hard-working, enthusiastic about what she does and responsible with her work. She succeed in combining planning and spontaneity.

Passionate about design, her other interests include traveling around the world, photography, music, independent movies and urban art.

Her approach to design is often playful, inquisitive and optimistic. She’s inspired by love, magic, beauty and peculiar places. She believes a good concept is the main essence of a great design, and she likes to take care of every detail. She creates visual concepts that may be applied to packaging, labels, clothing, books, marketing promotional tools like posters, flyers and brochures…









What do I do?

Marketing materials

I don’d do marketing itself, BUT I can design your marketing materials like posters, flyers, banners…

Labels and Packaging design

I will make sure that your product stands out among all the others.

Album covers

No matter what style of music or packaging, You will get a creative art concept for your album, which fits your image and expresses what your music is about.

Light illustration

I mean, I create labels, icons, logos, infographics, diagrams, etc. But probably I’m not going to illustrate the children’s book you’re penning.

App design

I’m not a programer, but I’ll design the hell out of an app.


Logos, corporate stationery, brand guidelines, etc.

Have something in mind that you don’t see on the list? Ask!


Behind my customers there is a project, behind every project one great opportunity.
These are some with whom I had the pleasure of working. You want to be the next?